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So previous in Balto 3: Wings of Change there pilot called Duke trying take-away the jobs away from Kodi, Kirby, Dusty, Ralph, the others dogs. Balto save the day be in race for the sled-dogs win but the pilot disappear out of sight. About Kodi is the son to Balto, Kirby, Dusty, Ralph are Kodi team-mates, co-workers on sled-dog team.

So Balto want to save pilot life and asking Kodi, Kirby, Dusty, Ralph for help but said no  because  he reason why were going loss there job in the first-place.

This when my story into play:

Steele come in and said to Balto will save the pilot with you

Balto was cation about Steele

Balto agreed that Steele come long

Balto, Steele went into the woods together

Steele: You ruined my life and you got none of your friends with you

Steele attack Balto

Balto, Steele were fighting the woods

Balto: We are wasting time the pilot is going to be died very soon

Steele: Screw the pilot want my revenge


Jenna found-out Kodi didn't go with Balto

Jenna: Kodiak come here

Kodi: Yes mom

Kodi walk-over to Jenna

Jenna: Why didn't you go with your father

Kodi: Its that pilot is the reason going lost my job

Jenna: "You think your job is worth more than a life?"

Jenna: I should gone with Balto

Kodi sad by now on Jenna was right about that.


Balto was avoid Steele

Steele was very mad, angry and yell Balto

Balto was hide go seek with Steele

Balto was going jump on Steele back finish him off

Steele found Balto

Steele: I got you Balto


Kirby, Dusty, Ralph in the boilder room unit Kodi come in

Kirby: Are newest team-mate

Kodi: Listen guys think the pliot really in danger

Dusty: Going on to the other side

Kodi: No the temperate is droping and he only a human. Can freeze to death

Ralph: he should of  thought of the rises before challenge us to a race

Kirby: Can be with us or again

Kodi: All be on your team on helping people but someone really need are help we sit on are butts. If mean to be a mail dog that is not what want to  be.

Kodi walk-out of the bolider room

Back with Balto, Steele

Steele draft Balto out a place in the woods trees circle the place.

Steele: Balto you took away everything away from me. I could'n  have back now but get my revenge on you

Voice scream out: No

Kodi run into Steele

Kodi, Steele were fighting

Steele: This your son Balto know because of the fur is the same as Jenna is.

Kodi: No one hurt my dad

Kodi, Steele were fighting more

Steele grab Kodi back

Balto saw Steele

Steele: Balto your son going have the same fate as you

Kirby, Dusty, Ralph: Came-out

Kirby, Dusty, Ralph: No hurt Kodi

Kirby, Dusty, Ralph were fighting Steele

Cause an avalanche

Kodi grab his father Balto on hearing avalanche was coming there way both move out the way

Kirby, Dusty, Ralph hear the avalanche but Steele block their path for Kirby, Dusty, Ralph to escape.

Balto: You have choice you, your son or  your son friends said Steele

Balto: Steele you really want fight me

Steele: Yes that why trying kill you in the first-place

Balto: Leave my son friends out of it

At the same Kodi got all his friends and escort way from the path of avalanche

Steele didn't know all the snow, and All the snow cover Steele

Steele was buried in the snow become Mystery if Steele live or not that make Balto 4 to happen.
Artist comments: So hear Phil Weinstein interview talk Steele in Balto 3: Wings of Change. I thought to myself Jonathan why didn't take Phil Weinstein idea make hole fan-made stories. Here is a link to hear the interview: [link]

Note: Its the last-thing Mr. Weinstein talk about very fitting because my Favorited part of the interview. In the interview Phil Weinstein the director of Balto 2, 3 talk about his idea for Steele from come-back in Balto 3 not as cameo but as enemy to Balto. So thought to myself why didn`t take the idea make my own version what will in-store for Balto,Steele Reunion.

This hole fan-made story is my version Steele be in Balto 3. Got said Phil Weinstein idea is really different then Fans, other people. First-time hear this ideas my honest thoughts were going as any other people thought of this same-idea. Way better then shipping ideas, other ideas on that is more type of ideas would get from a story about dogs beating a pilot in a race against for on a job for Balto 3.

Action, Adventure type of ideas from the creators, writers. Steele idea come-back be. For the Fan-Base, other this more fitting my comments of there ideas not all then: I guess people are just vehement on seeing some sort of romance between the characters, and also want shipping ideas. The reason use that line complete summer-up shipping ideas, couples in a nut-shell. Will based on all the couples people made over for ex of Kodi that is the fitting things to said. This idea sound like from someone not support or believe or fan of couples.

Not other people Phil Weinstein ideas not having paring-up of characters not like Fan-Base, other people on see sort of romance betweens the characters. I`m just for ex: My first-story called Jonathan meets Kodi and here is a link to it:

There is no romance betweens the characters or the fan-character in the story. Hole story is action, adventure type of story rather romance, shipping, couple one other people.
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ChaosX97 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
That idea didn't come through because Universal calls the shots. They provide the budgets for the movies, so it's their faults that Balto hasn't got a fourth movie.
x-pl Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I all-ways know all the details on make a movie there will all-ways ideas can`t procession or creator because of the budget, and as well time. The reason made in the case for two reasons:

1) Its not another shipping ideas or couple in the way of paring-up character for saking of doing from the ideas. Was complete different then fans, other people ideas that including paring-up any character.

2)I think Balto movies know for action, adventure made into that style of action, adventure. So thought about make that type story with ideas. Steele come-back for revenge on Balto.

As for Balto 4 think the movie company thought Balto 3 good ending but based on Phil Weinstein dream to make Balto 4, and
other people ideas of Balto 4.
ChaosX97 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
Well, in a response by Universal to a fan letter, they said that not enough people were interested in Balto 3 to make another. They were interested in doing it, but they figured based on the sales, why bother? Honestly, I've seen many comments on Youtube where people state that they didn't even know there WAS a Balto 3.

P.S: No offese, but your grammer makes it pretty dificult to know what you're saying.
x-pl Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asking have not see interview with Phil Weinstein the director of Balto 2, 3 talk about What I really want to see is a Balto 4, Steele returns, out for revenge on Balto for ruining him, and Aleu returns to the rescue. There is something about "A daughter returns to save her father." There is something about the archetype - to me rings true. So I don't know what happened to her, but I would love to see her come back. She saves her dad, but know the dynamic is changed, because Kodi has become the Alpha, and now the sister could potentially threaten that relationship. All of those pieces seem like a good launching point for a fourth movie. The fan-made videos, and also the fan-fictions of Balto 4.

What I was trying sading took Phil Weinstein ideas from the video called [link]. On that inspection me make this story based on rather be romance story could make into action, adventure fan-made story.
ChaosX97 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
I have heard the interview, and I even e-mailed Phil Weinstein. He said that if he did get the chance to make a Balto 4, he would bring together characters from all three of the previous movies. Honestly, you're not the only one who's been wishing all this time for a Balto 4 - I and plenty of others have as well. I even found a petition for it, but Universal just doesn't want to do anything, even with Phil going to them over and over asking if he can make a fourth.
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